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Pay your fare the easy way.

With the UTA FAREPAY Card, paying fares on bus, TRAX, FRONTRUNNER and streetcar is easy. Just tap the card on a card reader whenever you enter or exit UTA rail stations or buses and the fare is automatically deducted from your account. Purchase the FAREPAY Card at a UTA Customer Service Outlet or at participating retailers along the Wasatch Front! Load any dollar amount onto the card ranging from $5 - $500. Reload funds to cards online or at UTA Customer Centers and participating retailers.

Easy to use, easy to reload.

Add funds to your UTA FAREPAY card with cash, credit or debit cards at participating retailers and UTA Customer Centers. Credit or debit cards may be used to add funds online.

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Enter a valid amount between $5 and $500.
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Reduced Fare Program

Applications for reduced fare UTA FAREPAY cards for seniors 65 and older, persons with disabilities, youth 6-18, and low-income qualifying persons are available online. Proof of qualification required. For details, click here.


Where Can I Purchase a UTA FAREPAY Card?

UTA FAREPAY Cards can be purchased at any UTA Customer Service Center or participating retailer.

Where Can I Use It?

UTA FAREPAY Cards are accepted throughout the UTA transit system: on bus, TRAX, FRONTRUNNER or streetcar.


For more information about the UTA FAREPAY Card, click here to visit our FAQ page. If you don't find your answer there, call our Customer Service department at


About the UTA FAREPAY Card.

The UTA FAREPAY card is a prepaid, reloadable card. You can load amounts between $5 and $500 onto the card. It can be used to pay for UTA transportation services including as UTA fixed-route bus, TRAX light rail or FrontRunner commuter rail. Cardholders simply tap the card on a card reader located inside UTA buses or at TRAX and FrontRunner station platforms. The fare for the ride is automatically deducted from the card balance. Cardholders can add value to the contactless transit cards with cash, credit, or debit cards at participating retailers and UTA Customer Service Centers or online at farepay.rideuta.com.
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