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Why should I add a FAREPAY card to my web account?

Adding your card gives you more control over your card and account. If you card is lost or stolen only a registered card can be replaced. Cardholders who register their card can also set up auto reload that will automatically draw funds from your bank account without the hassle of logging in and doing it manually. Also, you can then view information associated with the card (i.e., account holder details, balance inquiry, transaction history, auto recharge parameters, and alert parameters). Note that you do not have to be a registered user to view the card balance.

Below is a summary of all of the benefits:

  1. Protect your card balance
  2. Check your order status
  3. Add multiple cards to the same web account
  4. Set automatic reloads by week, month or card balance amount
  5. Get email alerts for low balances, auto reloads and more
  6. Put a card on hold if it's lost
  7. Transfer balances online between cards
  8. Nickname your cards to make managing them easier
  9. View more transaction history details

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